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A Back-Story


Family is an important part of what makes you who you are. Every trait you possess was passed down to you from another family member.  For this project, I wanted to explore my family traits that were passed down to me and design a piece that explains how my family has influenced me and made me who I am.


I see ancestry as my back-story. In the same way, I see drawing and sketching as the story behind design projects. Both tell the story of how something or someone came to be. This piece is a self-portrait made of a collection of traits that I share with different members of my family tree. Each trait was hand drawn separately and then collaged together to form the portrait. The piece is designed in a way that highlights the traits that are more profound and relevant to who I am and it also shows the connections between other family members and how traits got passed down. The purpose of this project was to emphasize how much family influences who we are, and explore all the different traits that were passed down to me. I hope it will serve as an inspiration for others to explore their own family traits and discover their back-story. 

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