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Charlotte Russe


For a class project, I chose to rebrand Charlotte Russe. Charlotte Russe is a young adult clothing store for women often found in shopping malls. I chose to do this company because it is a store I shop at often but always felt dissatisfied with the overall design of the brand. 


To improve it, I changed the logo to something more clean and modern but still has a feminine vibe to it. I chose to use a maroon color with a light blue as the two primary colors of the brand, and a light grey as a secondary color. The new overall mission of the company is to make all the customers be a more confident version of themselves. To do this, I got rid of all hired models for the website. Every “model” is a real Charlotte Russe customer and everyone can submit photos wearing Charlotte Russe items online. The price tags of the clothes tie in with this by providing a special code specific to each item found in the store so that they can easily tag themselves to the right outfit for the website.

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