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Guest Bath

Shower Frame: I wasn't a fan of the old dated gold shower frame, so I did a simple budget friendly fix. Got a can of black Rustoleum paint and watched it completely transform by guest bath. I love how much the black pops and completely transforms the look of the bathroom for only $7.00

T R Y  I T

Vanity Countertop: Want to update your bathroom counter without spending a fortune? Boy do I have the solution for you! Head to your local Home Depot and pick up the Giani Countertop Paint Kit. It comes with step by stem instructions and there are also a lot of tutorials and tips on youtube to help you achieve your desired look. After I used the kit, I got a box of epoxy to seal the the countertop and give it a sleek polished finish. 

T R Y  I T

Mirror: Updating the mirror was fairly simple. I picked out some white trim at home depot, cut them to fit the mirror, and glued them on with some liquid nail. Gives it a much more finished look. 

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