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I Spot Relief 

Children's Book Kit

One issue that many hospitals have is that there is nothing to comfort the kids during their stay. While many children’s hospitals are more equipped for that, many standard hospitals are not and often times do not have anything for kids. “I Spot Relief” is a kit that is easily “installed” in a hospital room that helps kids have a better understanding of hospital equipment. The kit comes with the children’s book and little magnets with symbols on them. The book works like an “I spy.” Each page has a symbol on it that the children have to find on the different equipment in their own room. This is where the magnets come in. The magnets can be easily placed on the machines and they are flat and easy to sterilize. The book takes them through each piece of equipment in their room to help put them to ease and understand what everything is for. The books will come indifferent age levels as well to cater to children of all ages.

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