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The patio is probably a project that will always be ongoing, but I am loving the progress. Here's what I have done so far: 

  • PATIO FURNITURE: First, I painted the patio furniture white. I got this set as a hand-me-down and it was originally an reddish brown color. The white gives it a cleaner look and makes it pop. 

  • FENCE: Next, I painted the fence a light beige color that matches the trim of my house. The original fence had never been painted or treated and desperately needed some help. I used a paint stain that helps seal the wood from the outside elements and also gives the yard a much cleaner look. 

  • POSTS & LIGHTS: Next I added my favorite part...the lights! This was one of my favorite DIY projects. Found the idea of Pinterest, (of course) where you take tall posts and cement them into large flower pots. One trick I learned that really helped make this project work was getting hollow fence posts. A lot of the posts I saw on Pinterest used wood posts which make each piece very top-heavy. I would have needed much larger pots to make those work. In the long run, this saved me a lot of money. I started by digging holes in the ground to place the pots. This just made the posts more secure. Then placed the post in the pot while filling it with the mixed cement. Once filled, I used a couple clamps to help hold the post perfectly straight. While the cement dried I added a couple hooks and then after letting the cement dry for awhile hung the lights. Was able to the entire project in a couple hours.  I got the posts and the cement at Home Depot, and the lights from Amazon. 

  • FINAL TOUCHES: After that I added all the final touches. I found the rug at walmart, the cushions and the black ottoman side table on Amazon, and the fire pit at Home Depot. 

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